Artist’s Statement

I have painted since I was 13 years old. By introducing me to the work of Duchamp, Picasso and Jasper Johns, an art instructor in grade 9 inspired me to see art objects as things that extend beyond the immediate and create worlds of thought. I was enchanted by the idea that a person could create an object that was both intriguing and complex from nothing . Its relationship to other art pieces, art history, and other objects both naturally occurring and man made, implies meaning and value beyond the physical piece. In addition,  an art work can compel the viewer to create their own narratives as they come to terms with the object.

My work includes mixed media assemblages of found objects with added painting, and abstract paintings best described as expressionist. 

The abstract expressionist work puts demands on me to focus on colour, composition and mark making.  The blank canvas with no initial starting point forces me to create a vocabulary of compositional components. When these components are combined the painting itself becomes the subject. I select colours that I felt will engage the viewer at an intuitive level. Shapes and colour fields are expressed on the canvas in the same way that we experience light, colour and motion as we interact with our surroundings. The mark making is active and immediate, the details are compelling.

Using a range of archetypal colours, the compositions are pulled together resisting literal forms and references. The shapes hint at the known and mimic the intimate. Interest and tension are created using a narrative of colour juxtapositions and a variation in mark making. Rendered in oils and acrylics, the compositions affirm the brush strokes, knife marks, drips and graphite scribbles.

I have always enjoyed creating mixed media pieces. I create them looking at the objects from a purely artistic perspective. The history is unimportant to me. The composition is the subject. Although, unlike my abstract expressionist work, I am cognizant of the fact that the object itself is an initial starting point which will inevitably direct the course of the work.