Doug has concentrated on expressionistic abstraction with a continued focus on colour. The subjects remain colour, texture, tone, mark making and composition. The abstract work focuses on the act of painting. Utilising a vocabulary of compositional components. When these components are combined the painting itself becomes the subject. Colours will engage the viewer at an intuitive level. Shapes and colour fields are expressed on the canvas in the same way that we experience light, colour and motion as we interact with our surroundings. The mark making is active and immediate.

Using a range of archetypal colours, the compositions are pulled together resisting literal forms and references. The shapes hint at the known, the marks mimic the intimate. Interest and tension are created using a narrative of colour juxtapositions and a variation in mark making. 

The newest group of Paintings and Monoprints are titled “Passages”. This title stems from a recurring theme in the composition of the paintings. The compositions are laid out on the canvas with graphite, the mark making is quick and seemingly arbitrary. The viewer will notice variations on a theme of movement vertically through the canvas. A horizon or membrane splitting the top and bottom seems to represent a transition or passage from one undefined moment, thought, idea or place to another. Various colours, some nostalgic of soil, sky, or sea reoccur and provide the framework of the composition. The scribbles and marks generate energy that defines the path.

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